How to Buy ?

Hamro Allpasal online grocery store provides you hassle-free and easy methods to buy groceries online.

In order to shop at Hamro Allpasal online store, firstly visit the official website of Hamro Allpasal, i.e., www.hamroallpasal.com then follow these simple steps.

1. First Step: Search for products

  • Search for your desired products/category from the search bar or browse through the categories you want to buy.
  • Select the total quantity you want to order
  • Click on add to cart
  • Checkout your product/s.

2. Second Step: Delivery Address

  • Add your personal information to complete your purchase.
  • Select your desired Delivery Location (Make sure you provide the right information and correct address information to ensure timely delivery).
  • Click on Save & Continue.

3. Third step: Confirmation

  • Click on continue to confirm your purchase
  • Select confirm and you are all done.

Need help? We’re available at +977 9817778009 or  Email us at info@hamroallpasal.com

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